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iam8bit, Fox Searchlight Pictures

Passport to Iron City

Part live-action role playing game and part escape room, these three installations (L.A., NYC and Austin) allow fans to interact with the world of beloved manga series Battle Angel Alita.

The game is a team-based immersive experience, drawing on the storyline and emotional atmosphere of the original manga comics and the recent Robert Rodriguez/James Cameron/Jon Landau movie adaptation. My teammates at Tellart and I were tasked with doing to detail design and build of all interactive elements in the game (designed by Eric Meyer), as well as all player checkin tech. The interactive elements needed to function together and seamlessly mesh with the beautiful production design and scenic work of Troublemaker Studios.

Up to 60 players play in each 45-minute game session, competing in a challenging post-apocalyptic environment full of cyborgs, bounty hunters, and oppressive surveillance systems. Game challenges come in many forms, from unlocking clues to solving puzzles, to betting and making music. It is as much a game of intelligence as it is about physical, creative and social skills.

My contributions:
Design, write, test and deploy the realtime game engine which manages a complex check-in process, prints customized player badges, keeps track of scores, and allows communication between the many different interactive puzzles. Since the game is fully open to the public, the expectation for reliability is very high. I utilized a stack of Web technologies typically used for high-uptime Web applications to meet this expectation. The system integrates with a network of around 80 other devices embedded in the game space, ranging from handheld barcode scanners, to tablets and laptops, to Raspberry Pi's, to a pair of large scoreboards.

Creative technology - Tellart, Mei-ling Wong, Fletcher Bach, Adam Florin, Lassen Hines, Katryn McIntosh
Creative Directors - iam8bit
Production Company - The Seelig Group
Game Design - Erich Meyr
Production Design Leads - Steve Joyner and Caylah Eddleblute (Troublemaker Studios)
Ticketing - Ticketure

Photography: iam8bit, Tellart

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