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I design and build for our tech-heavy world.

As Head of Production at Tellart in Berkeley, CA, I work on project strategy, plan execution, write lots of code, and see ambitions concepts through to completion. Many, many people have to work together to make projects happen, and I am proud to be one of those people.

My awe at what can be done with design and the right materials really began at RISD, where I studied graphic design. There I realized that my passion was for making things which are both useful and empowering. In the intervening couple of decades, I have worked on dozens of projects, fusing design and technology, in 13 different countries, on six continents. I have worked for individuals, corporations, governments, and museums; worked on strategic plans, animations, films, installations, apps, musical instruments, and even elevators.

Practitioners tend to talk a lot about software at the exclusion of other things. I believe that oftware, though, is just another material. It sits alongside typography, clay, paint, wood, metal, semiconductors, motion, sound, interaction, organic systems, learning systems, body movement, scent, and hundreds of other discreet modes of human expression. To create we must be comfortable with as many of these materials as possible.

When I am not making something, I am reading about technology ethics, playing games and exploring the world with my family.

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